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Arctic accelero xtreme iv vga cooler for hawaii and gk110. Featuring different accessory sets with various mounting plates, the cooler fits a wide range of high end vga boards. The original accelero hybrid combined an 120mm aio closed loop liquid cooler with two fans an 120mm one used to cool the. It is an absolute silent cooler with high performance, even on overclocking. The accelero has barely any noise at all no matter the usage pattern. The compatibility list is based on amd radeon and nvidias reference board layout only. Arctic accelero hybrid aio mod guide what we have and what we need. Looking at the front of the cooler, it looks like a pretty normal gpu cooler. The kraken g12 looks like a top performer and you can carry it forward, but its probably the loudest and most expensive option. Accelero xtreme iv is compatible only with the graphics card using a standard size pcb with a width of 98mm. The accelero xtreme iv is the spiritual successor of arctics highly successful accelero xtreme iii which was. Click on the images below to learn more about evga clc. Before the accelero, the blower fan topped out at 87c, clocked a max of 1911mhz, and only when the fan was boosted to 80% which is uncomfortably loud.

Its universal mounting design offers wide compatibility on different amd nvidia models. This cooler is beefy and brings a strong breeze to keep your highend gpu running at low temperatures. As you can see, all we have here is a small blower fan and a fan connector. The arctic accelero hybrid comes into an already chockfull market of gpu coolers. It does take a lot of space an looks huge, but performance is on par with aio. Since the aio gpu water cooling system has now become a cpu water cooling system, we have also donated a new pwm fan from. Arctic accelero hybrid 7970 gpu cooler overclockers. Unlike the solid aluminum block found on the l2 plus, todays sample features a copper block and heatpipe design. Thus the card with this cooler takes up a total of 4 slots. The accelero hybrid includes a 120mm radiator courtesy of asetek, a cooling shroud for board components, and enough tiny parts to choke all but the heartiest of housecats. Arctic releasing accelero hybrid aio gpu water cooler. This time around, we are raising the bar by having a look at the much higherend accelero mono plus. Idcooling frostflow 120 vga graphic card cooler aio 120mm radiator water cooler gpu vga cooler compatible with rtx207020802080ti, 57005700xt series, 10701080 series 4. Purchased to replace a dying stock fan on an evga 440gt.

Thanks to the pwm control, the speed of all fans will adjust according to the temperature of the gpu and thus the noise level remains minimal as always. It uses a 140mm radiator to cool the gpu core, while it also provides a dedicated. It seems to me that the arctic accelero is the cheapest and quietest option with very good temps, but also looks the lamest. If amazon finds a customer has misrepresented the condition of a return, amazon may impose a fee equal to up to 15. Replaces the arctic cooling accelero xtreme 5870 ati hd5870 vga cooler the accelero xtreme plus is a powerful cooling solution for high end vga boards from ati and nvidia. The accelero xtreme iv is their flagship gpu cooler. Arctic cooling accelero xtreme plus ii fluid dynamic vga. Snaps i took while fitting the accelero xtreme plus cooler on my gtx 570. If there is a gap, the gpu was manufactured before february 20. The gpu temp on idle is 24c26c, and under furmark burn in, it doesnt exceed 50c. With an accelero hybrid iii140 from arctic, those are cut down to 46 and 42 degrees respectively.

Xtreme hardware tested the accelero mono plus and it was 29 dba quieter compared to the stock cooler under full load. Arctic cooling accelero twin turbo vga cooler coolerguys. Gpu vga coolers and accessories at overclockers uk. The accelero showed better vrm and gpu temps by a small margin and was quieter. Accelero hybrid is a combined air and liquid cooling solution for cooling the gpu. Evga s allinone closed loop coolers keep your cpu healthy, even under the most demanding programs and applications. Easy to install, these coolers require no user maintenance for the pump or coolant making evga clc coolers a plugandplay choice. It also comes with 2 fan plugs for direct power connection to the vga card and thus the fans can be controlled by the vga software. The universal design for the accelero twin turbo supports the hottest graphics cards in the market, from nvidia geforce 9600gt to ati radeon hd4870, 4850 and many more. Evga hybrid kit for evga geforce rtx 2080 super 2080 2070 super 2070, ftw3 ultra ftw3. Idcooling frostflow 120vga gpu water cooler aio gpu liquid cooler compatible rtx207020802080ti, 57005700xt, 10701080 series compatibility. Has anyone tried installing an arctic accelero xtreme iv.

A cheaper option would be going the arctic aio which is said to be 1080ti compatible. Arctic accelero xtreme iv high end vga cooler with 300 watts cooling capactiy, compatible with rx 480, gtx 1080, 1070, 1060, three 92 mm pwm fans 4. Here at overclockers uk we stock a wide variety of gpu coolers and accessories from a whole host of worldrenowned brands including ek water blocks, nzxt, raijintek and corsair, whether your looking for aio vga coolers, waterblocks or a standard heat pipe cooler we have you covered. Arctics accelero hybrid ii120 is an aio gpu water cooling solution. If everything went well, you now have a single coolingpump unit and a radiator. With three 92 millimeter fans spinning as fast as 2000 rpm, the xtreme iv has enough power to handle a 300watt tdp thermal design power gpu. The stock cooler goes up to 94 degrees on the gpu and 76 on the vrm. Im using the arctic accelero extreme iv on my evga gtx 1070 graphics card. Arctic cooling accelero xtreme plus gpu cooler on evga gtx. Following is a list of cards the new accelero xtreme iii is.

Thanks to the pwm control, the speed of both fans adjusts according to the temperature of the gpu and thus the noise level remains at an absolute minimum which qualifies it as a silent cooler. This is the first time i had bought a gpu cooler, and although it took me 2 days and a lot of swearing to fit it all together, the end result was definately worth it. The results of the water cooler talk for itself efficient performance, high compatibility and easy installation. Bringing the performance and ease of a cpu liquid cooler to your gpu, the nzxt kraken g10 enables every gamer, enthusiast, or builder to have a cooler, higher performing system without breaking the bank. It is comprised of an 83fin aluminum heatsink with 5 copper heatpipes to deliver superior cooling performance. Accelero xtreme iv highend vga cooler for amd nvidia. The competitors product, if youll recall, is an adapter that enables cpumounted aio. Arctic release accelero hybrid iii140 aio gpu liquid. Arctic jumps on the aio band wagon and brings us the worlds first retail, half water, half air gpu cooling solution with the accelero hybrid. The most common form of aftermarket gpu cooler isnt really aftermarket at all, but the nonreference design cooler that a manufacturer mounts on their graphics card. The accelero hybrid ii120 has convinced us in every test, so we give it the performance award. Arctic accelero twin turbo iii graphics card cooler with. You may return for a full refund for the price you paid within 30 days of delivery any new computer purchased from amazon that is dead on arrival, arrives in damaged condition or is still in unopened boxes.

The three 92 mm pwm fans and the preapplied mx4 thermal compound ensure efficient cooling, even under overclocking. This item arctic accelero xtreme iv highend graphics card cooler with backside cooler for efficient ram and vrmcooling dcacov800001gba01 arctic s3 turbo dual vga video card fan set, replacement parts for amdati dualx, sapphire hd 7850, 6930 and etc. The cooler is made of copper, the radiator is made of aluminum. Arctic releases the accelero xtreme iii vga cooler.

Arctics upcoming accelero xtreme iv gpu cooler has been unveiled by chiphell forums. However the only reports i see of this being used on a 1080ti reddit the user had temps of 65c which implies either a bad install. The accelero xtreme iii is compatible to amd r9280x, r9 280, 7970, 7950 boards if the gpu was manufactured after february 20. Arctic offers a wide range of products to fit all needs. Evga hybrid waterblock aio cooler kit for geforce gtx. The accelero xtreme iii cools very efficiently thanks to three ultraquiet pwm fans. I want relative silence and im looking at an aio liquid cooler. Arctic accelero mono plus graphics card cooler nvidia. Ambient 34c idle 38c gaming load 56c also allowed me. I have never done a gpu cooler comparison before, so i though it would be cool to compare arctic coolings accelero 3x solution head to head with gigabytes windforce 3x on a 980ti. Accelero hybrid ii120 air and liquid graphics card. Arctic coolings accelero xtreme iv is an older gpu cooler at this point, but it offers excellent coolling performance and a noticeably drop in noise.

The accelero xtreme iv is compatible to amd r9280x, r9 280, 7970, 7950 boards if the gpu was manufactured after february 20. Arctic accelero hybrid quiet vga cooler for amd nvidia. Arctic accelero mono plus graphics card cooler blacksilver. I couidnt use arctics provided aluminum heatsink for the back of the card, because there were clearance issues.

Please put a ruler on top of the gpu and check whether there is a gap between the ruler and the gpu. Overclockers has shown us the accelero xtreme iii is 32 dba quieter compared to the stock cooler. The aluminum backplate will take up the adjacent slot on top, while the gpu cooler will take up 2 slots below it. Accelero xtreme iii is designed to outperform the other highperformance graphics card coolers in the market it consists of three 92 mm pwm fans with lownoise impellers and patented fan holder, five heatpipes and an 83fin heatsink to bring a lavish but quiet airflow between 900 to 2,000 rpm with a cooling capacity of up to 300 watts. The arctic accelero hybrid iii140 is a 3rdparty gpu cooler, designed to offer improved thermals to a wide range of graphics cards. Arctic accelero xtreme iv highend graphics card cooler. In laymans terms, the arctic accelero hybrid iii140 is essentially an aio cooler, but for your graphics card. Available in multiple colors, the nzxt kraken g10 white is perfect for any white build color combination. Advanced cooling solutions for pc, including cpu cooler, vga cooler and case fans. Kraken g10 white pc gaming gpu cooler computer case gpu. Graphics cards with different dimensions will not be compatible with this cooler. Employing the awardwinning design of the accelero xtreme series, theaccelero xtreme plus ii comes with 300 watts of cooling capacity, which gives plenty of headroom for overclocking.

The primary biggest complaints on the stock 440gt is the fan noise and heat and this fixed both of those issues. Arctic accelero xtreme iii highend graphics card cooler 3. It offers an allinone solution with 200% cooling performance and 9 times quieter than. The accelero hybrid is the first graphics card cooler with integrated air and liquid solution in the market.

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