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By viewing this video, you agree that justin opinion channel or youtube are not responsible for unsafe acts attempted by viewers. We carry precision rifles, ar15s, ak47s, handguns, ammo and supplies. I held off on buying a hi point carbine in 9mm when they were first introduced when only the 9mm and 40 cal versions were available. They are very inexpensive, constructed using polymers and alloyed metals as much as possible, resulting in a reduction of production costs and sale price.

See more ideas about hi point firearms, guns and firearms. The most common types of new or preowned hipoint carbine accessories on ebay include red or green dot sights, laser sights, and tactical mounts for precision shooting. Clear hi point wikipedia page 67 items found page 1 1 2 next. Does anyone own these or know anything about these. The 9 has a maximum point blank range of about 100111 yards. Affordable hipoint firearms are warranted for the life of the gun, not just the first owner and have proven to be robust, accurate, and fiddle free. Use the side of the tool to remove the clip around the serial number dont bend the metal plate. The keltec sub 2000 is a pretty good option too and accepts. It features a black powder coat finish, threedot sights with a fullyadjustable rear sight and a quick onoff thumb safety. At the range with a hipoint 40 carbine using cast bullets.

This is a promag steel 15round extended magazine for hipoint 4095 carbines in. What is the farthest range anyone has hit a clay pidgeon hung on a tack etc, using a. Semiauto, with adjustable peep sight, sling swivel, sling, and scope base. Hello were can i find a drum or extended magazine for a 4095 40 cal highpoint carbine. There is a channel on youtube called thefirearmguy. For precision firearms, look to tombstone tactical. My hipoint 995 9mm carbine torture test is complete. Id go 40 because i have a pistol in 40, and there is a slight chance it would get used for hunting some day, so more power would be better. In an effort to ensure the safety of the staff here at hipoint firearms and to continue smooth customer service, as of noon on 03202020, we will not be accepting any incoming repair shipments until further notice as we are anticipating an interruption in normal business hours. And lifetime means just that free repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner, or the third. Now, they cost around 200 dollars, and while the stocks are sinful and annoying, customizations can be done with fiberglass resin and a sander. Its cheap, been reliable as hell, looks awesome, high customization opportunities, accurate at long ranges, and has minor recoil. Heres the complete manual for the hipoint 4095 caliber carbine the manual includes the.

To be honest, i love hi point pistols but once i saw saigas 7. Op, if youre on a budget then a hipoint carbine will serve you very well. Inspect the ramp and see if you have a shiny spot at the base. When they do, hi point customers enjoy a lifetime, noquestionsasked warranty. I know i promised this for 1k subscribers and i am about 100 late, but here you go. The most common hipoint carbine upgrades available. Hi point service is fast, friendly and expertly performed.

Personally, this is one of my more enjoyed weapons. Another thing to check may be in the pistol the ramp. Hipoint carbine discussion in rifle country started by carolina kalash, feb 17, 2012. I had to watch a few videos on youtube to learn how to properly field strip it. The hipoint firearms carbine in caliber is a zombie killer. In this video he talks about the hipoint carbine hunter series in 45 acp. Made to the same specifications as the factory original magazines. I have been looking a the likes of tnw asr, the jrc and others, but they all have issues reported by users, and for the lower price, the. The primary reason was i didnt care for the look at the time. I dont own one but have fired several and they have proved to be very accurate and reliable, even with crap ammo. I certainly would not want to use 300 blackout rounds with subsonic loads for home defense. From butt plate to front sight this distinctive new hipoint carbine virtually shouts cando the molded polymer stock has been reengineered to deliver improved handling and better accuracy in a targetdesign carbine, these hipoints are ready to shoot. A carbine of the same weight, firing a 115grain, 9 mm load produces less than half that recoil, while one in. Rifles bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives.

Pull hipoint 4095 carbine operating handle backward until you hear an audible click. Ati has released a dropin stock which allows the 995 carbine to resemble a beretta cx4 storm carbine at a much lower price specification. I have the pistol 40 cal and the carbine also 40 cal. I didnt set out to conduct a torture test of the hipoint carbine, it just happened. A friend i talk to on the internets says his is accurate out to 150 yards and hes put over 2000 rounds through his. It will tear the bullseye out of a target at 50yards if you do your part. Ar15, boltaction, semiauto, hunting and tactical from brands like remington and winchester. Despite what you may hear about hipoint firearms they are one of the most reliable. The average pistolcaliber carbine shoots either 9mm. If you look at what he explained he wanted this rifle to do, the 40 caliber 10mm version makes a lot more sense. The new ts version that is available improves upon the look and functionality of the carbine by redesigning the stock, foregrip, and adding a rail.

Hipoint firearms has been in the business of building inexpensive pistols and carbines for over 20 years using 100 percent americanmade components and a u. The hipoint gave me many years of good service before i built the ar, but the ar is more accurate, more comfortable to shoot, takes 32rnd. Hi point carbine trigger spring kit hi point trigger. While hipoint is known for its low cost handguns, since the 1990s the company has also made a line of carbines chambered in handgun calibers. This is the best was to upgrade the trigger on your hi point carbine and is one of your must. Actually it was a joke bid on gunbroker for a used one. It seems that a lot of people would like to have a pistolcarbine co.

Or some other small target at range like a pie plate at 300yd etc. Sportsmans guide has your hipoint carbine, semiautomatic, acp, barrel, rounds available at a great price in our semiautomatic collection hi point 4595 carbine, semiautomatic, acp, centerfire, with pro pack i would love to have this baby. He pays attention to carbines that shoot pistol bullets because a lot of his fans have written in asking about them. My question is, are there any companies currentlyplan on producing 18. Use the two points on the back of the tool to slide the clips on the take down pins. Hipoint expanded that carbine line with the hunter series. Damage, age, plain old wear and tear these things happen. Hi point carbine rifle ts laser sight 4095 40 sw layaway available. It is a 100% american made, polymer framed, striker fired, blowback operated semiautomatic pistol. I bought this for a throwaway gag on another video, so, why not. Promag extended replacement magazine bluesteel magazine holding 15rounds of. Cheap, durable 9mm4045 carbines that you wouldnt mind getting scratched up in the woods.

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